If you uninstall Advance Steel and reinstall it in another language the menus, ribbons and tool palettes remain from the old language installation.

To reinstall Advance Steel 2011 in another language follow these steps:

1. Before you uninstall Advance Steel open the AutoCAD (alone) platform you want to use. This helps to reset the tool palettes. Once open, close AutoCAD.

2. Uninstall the software from the "Advance Setup" application.

How do I reinstall Advance Steel in another language

3. Once the uninstall process is finished, go to the remaining Advance Steel folders and delete all the folders except for "UserDataBackup". This is where Advance Steel creates a copy of the prototype drawings and databases that are related to the customizations made by the user to the program.

How do I reinstall Advance Steel in another language

4. Reinstall Advance Steel in the language setting you want.

If you want to learn more about why these steps are necessary, please read the following FAQ:
FAQ - How is the Advance Steel CUI managed?

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