The detail drawing filenames are issued based on a setting in the drawing process manager. This name can be changed and tokens can be used to customize it. To change the drawing filename, you need to:

  • Open the Drawing Process Manager:
  • How can the drawing filename definition be changed in a detailing process

  • Select the process with the filename to change and click the "Properties" icon in the "Detail drawing(s)" section.
  • How can the drawing filename definition be changed in a detailing process

  • In the "Drawing name" field you can define the filename for the detail drawings created by this process. Any name can be used; in addition tokens can be added to this name, extracting various model information (as the part mark of the detailed objects).

These tokens are:

1. Flat (%Flat). This token is a counter for the pages detailed by the process. It requires a parameter that defines the maximum digits for the number of pages. For example, if this token must be used for more then 100 pages, then the token should look like %Flat(03) meaning that the counter will start with 001, 002... and end with 999.

2. Position number (%PosNum). This token will add the position number of the element. It works for processes that detail assemblies or only single parts on a page. It displays the Main Part mark if the detailed element is a main part or the single part mark for the others (if the file contains an assembly, then this token will always display the MP number).

3. Sequence Number (%SequenceNumber). This token is used together with other tokens. It creates a sequence of other tokens attached to the name to differentiate them. It can be used, for example, together with Position Number, for instances when two or several drawings contain the same MP number, for example 1000. In this instance, both drawings will have the Position Number 1000, but the sequence number will be 1 and 2.

4. Single part number (%SinglePartPosNum). This token will only show the single part mark regardless if the element is a main part or single part.

5. Model name (%ModelName). This token writes the name of the model in the detail drawing filename.

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