If you open and save an AutoCAD DWG file with Advance Steel, you might want to remove the Advance Steel objects that were saved with this DWG file.

To remove the Advance Steel objects, perform the following steps:
  • Open Advance Steel.
  • Click on "Remove AS objects from external DWG files icon located at "Additional tools" toolbar
  • How are Advance Steel objects removed from a DWG file?

  • Select the drawing from which you want AS objects to be removed
  • Open the drawing
  • Say YES to remove AS objects
  • Close Advance Steel
  • Open plain AutoCAD. (Don't open any drawing)
  • At the command line type demandload & set the value to 0 (zero), normally the value is 3
  • Now open the drawing which AS objects were removed
  • Save the drawing
  • Exit AutoCAD
  • Re-open AutoCAD without any drawing
  • At the command line type demandload and set the value to 3
  • Now open previous drawing. It will be opened without AS objects
Your drawing will no longer contain Advance Steel objects and can be opened in "pure" AutoCAD.
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