Open the Management Tools - Defaults and filter "unfold".
How are the special unfolding values defined in a table used?

There are different ways on how Advance Steel calculates the expansion for unfolding. One of these options is to define the expansion by a table.
The table is "UnwindingElongation" in AstorBase.mdb database.

How are the special unfolding values defined in a table used?

The columns mean the following:
Key A unique number
MaterialClass The number refers to the MaterialClass table in AstorBase.mdb, where groups of materials are defined. The defined unfolding will work on the specified materials in this group.
Thickness Thickness of the unfold object
Radius Radius at the bent corner; " - 1 " means default radius
Angle Bent angle [measured in radian]
Elongation Expansion for the unfold

The defined expansion is only used for objects that match exactly the defined criteria. If the model object does not match exactly the criteria then the expansion is calculated according to the closest match defined in the table.

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