Numbering in Advance Steel
Prefix settings
Define the prefix settings in the following dialog box of the _AstM5PrefixConfigurationExplorer command.

What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?

Selecting "Use prefix" will activate the prefix settings.

Numbering methods
Available numbering methods:

What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?

The first 3 numbering methods assign fixed numbers to the objects. There will not be a link between the assigned element number and the drawing the piece is detailed on.

The numbering methods "With drawing number..." assign first an "internal" number to each object. During the detail creation the internal number will be changed to the drawing number the piece is detailed on.

Important: First detail the single parts and then the assembly parts.

Single part / Assembly numbering

What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?

Each object in Advance Steel has two part marks, a Single Part number and an Assembly Part number.
The numbering will detect identical pieces and will assign the same piece mark to them.

The numbering can be performed for both, single part and assembly, in one step by selecting the two check boxes.

Post numbering

What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?

There are currently four "post numbering" methods available.
These settings will influence the single part marks of the assembly.
The numbering runs first the single part detection, then the assembly part detection. If there is a setting for the "PostNumberingMethod" then there is an additional iteration to equal the single part marks to the assembly marks according to the settings.

No special setting and the numbering works as in previous Versions of Advance Steel

SP Number (for main part) = Assembly Number:
This setting will assign the same mark for the single part mark and assembly mark of the main assembly piece.
For example, the biggest piece in an assembly is the main piece; this piece will get the same number information for the single part and assembly.

SP Number (for standalone part) = Assembly Number:
Assembly pieces, which have nothing welded to them in shop, will get the same piece mark as the single part and assembly number.
This applies only to the standalone pieces, not to other assembly pieces.

Assembly Group:
This setting will assign the single part marks relative to the assembly part.
The single part mark will include the assembly number and refers to the assembly where it was first detailed.

For example, an attached plate of Column C1 gets the piece mark pa - C1.
Important: First detail the assembly parts and then the single parts.

Standard part template

What are the different numbering options in Advance Steel?

In Advance Steel, standard pieces can be linked to the current project. Parts from the current project get the same piece mark as defined in the standard part template if they match the properties.

How to create a standard part template

Simply copy the elements from you project into a new dwg file; set the model role of the pieces to "none" and define the required piece mark.

Select the standard part template in the Numbering dialog box and check "Single Part".
This standard part template will then be considered during the numbering in this project.

The standard part template can be reused for any other project or new standard part templates can be created if necessary.

Post numbering solution
The counter can be modified in:
AstorBase.mdb - > IncrementalCounter

Key Token Start Init Range CharsToBeExcluded Counter OwnerText
0 CounterStrLC a a 28   -1  

Token: Can be any name

Defines the start value for the counter (nothing would mean that the second piece starts with "a")


Initialized value should be the same as for the Start value


Defines how many characters are used (alphabet has 28)


Defines the excluded characters, for example, if you don't want to use e, i, u, etc.


Internal value has to be always "-1"


Defines the Author and is necessary for merging into future Versions of Advance Steel

Post numbering method
The part marks are affected by:
AstorBase.mdb - > PostNumberSolution

Available token:

Key RunName PerElement Settings Detailing Behaviour MainSPPrefix Template MainSPPrefix Template ForAll MainSP Template MainSP
0 None 0 0 %PreSPPrefix 0 %PreSPNr 0
1 SP Number (for main part) = Assembly Number 1 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0
2 SP Number (for standalone part) = Assembly Number 2 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0
3 Assembly Group 1 1 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0

SPPrefix Template

Template ForAll

SPTemplate SPTemplate ForAll MPPrefix Template MPPrefix Template ForAll MPTemplate MPTemplate ForAll
%PreSPPrefix 0 %PreSPNr 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0
%PreSPPrefix 0 %PreSPNr 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0
%PreSPPrefix 0 %PreSPNr 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0
%PreSPPrefix 0 ~CounterStrLC-%PreMPNr 0 %PreMPPrefix 0 %PreMPNr 0


Has to be unique


Anything possible


0 nothing special
1 SP = MP for main parts
2 SP = MP for standalone parts


1 for the influence on the drawing name


Defines the prefix for the single part number of the main assembly piece


0 in most cases, only new and modified pieces will be renumbered


Defines the single part number of the main assembly piece


-- see above -


Defines the prefix for the single part numbers that are not the main assembly


-- see above -


Defines the single part numbers that are not the main assembly


-- see above -


Defines the assembly number


-- see above -

To create the link between the single part and the assembly you have to modify the "SPTemplate" column. For example, "~CounterStrLC--%PreMPNr" = [counter] [separator] [assembly number].

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