In Advance Steel, the "model role" defines how members are used and influences many different settings. One example is that the part mark prefixes are assigned according to model roles.

The most important effect of the "model role" is the drawing presentation. Based on the "model role", Advance Steel objects are presented, labeled and dimensioned in different ways. The association between "model roles" and their drawing presentation is the subject of this document.

Object Model role Process
Single part Angles Angle, Angle cleat

Sp - Angle front 1/8 = 1 CX
Sp - Angle front, top 1/8 = 1 CX

Single part Beam Beams, Columns

Sp - Beam front 1/8 = 1 CX
Sp - Beam front, top 1/8 = 1 CX

Single part Plate All model roles for plates except gusset plate Sp - Plate 1/8 = 1 CX

Gusset Plates

Gusset plates

Sp - GussetPlate 1/8 = 1 CX

Single part folded beams
(created by user section)

Folded sections

Sp - FoldedBeam 1/8 = 1 CO



Sp - Plate 1/8 = 1 CX

Base plates

Base plates

Sp - Plate 1/8 = 1 CX

End plates, cap plates

End plates, Cap Plates

Sp - Plate 1/8 = 1 CX

Shear plates

Shear Plates

Sp - Plate 1/8 = 1 CX

MP Beam


Process - Tie Beam (Front-Bottom), AutoIntersections

MP Column


Process - Column Verical, AutoIntersections or
Process - Column Horizontal, AutoIntersections

MP Angle Bracing
MP Angle

Angle Bracing

Angle Bracing - Front, Top

MP Flat Bracing

Flat Bracing

Flat Bracing - front

MP HSS Bracing
MP Compression pipe

Vertical Bracing
Roof Bracing
Wind Bracing
Compression pipe

Compression pipe - front, bottom

MP Girts and Purlins

Cold rolled Purlins
Cold rolled Side Rails
Cold rolled C sections

Girts - front, right

Recommended system line position:
- W profile: middle-top
- C, L: in the back of the profile

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