User sections are non-standard profile cross sections. They are drawn using AutoCAD? elements. After creating a user section it may be used the same way as any other section in the system.

Once created the User profiles are saved in: C > ProgramData >Autodesk > Advance in the AstorProfiles2017.mdb.

You can delete a USR_ profile or USR_Userdefinedtreads from the Access Database > AstorProfiles2017.mdb.

1. Open the AstorProfiles2017.mdb.
2. Type Usr in the search field.
3. Simply select the heading and from the list.
4. Right click and select Delete from the contextual menu.

How is a user profile removed from the database?

You can also remove them from the 2017 Advance Steel Management Tools.

1. Open the (ASTM) and select the Table Editor then the ODBC.
2. Type "USR" in the use filter field.
3. Select the AstorProfiles.
4. Scroll to your created USR_ profile and or your USR_ Userdefinedtreads.
5. Select it from the second window right click and select Delete row.
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