After producing the bars, in Advance Workshop you need to download the quantity to know the status of production progress.
You can download the quantity directly from Advance Workshop.
The example below shows how to download these HE120A bars.

How are nesting bars discharged in Advance Workshop?

1. In the "Production Manager" ribbon tab, press "Bars Discharge".
2. Select the work center where the bars are: "DRILL CNC".
3. Select or write the name of the user: "TERMINAL1".
4. Select or write the causal: "UNL_NEST" (example: production).
5. Select the name of the bar. Advance Workshop opens a window with a list of bars which are not produced. It's also possible to sort or filter them.
6. Insert the quantity.
7. Insert the waste value. (This value is the difference from the value already calculated)
8. Press the button for downloading the bar.

How are nesting bars discharged in Advance Workshop?

For other bars, you can repeat the steps from 5 to 8.

9. Click "Ok" to confirm the operation.

How are nesting bars discharged in Advance Workshop?

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