When upgrading to the new version of Advance Steel, almost all user settings from the previous version can be merged and then used in the new version unless they have been customized. It is better to copy the relevant Astorbase to the applicable location in Advance Steel 2016.

How to convert Databases Advance Steel 2015.1 to Advance Steel 2016

Note: Only the database from a previous version can be converted.

To convert the databases from the previous version, proceed as follows:

1. Start Management Tools: Start > All Programs > Autodesk > Advance Steel 2016 > Management Tools 2016

2. In the Management Tools 2016 application window, select Convert Databases.

3. In the next step, click Open Database.

4. From the appeared dialog box, select the old versions of the databases (*.mdb files) and click Open.

The conversion tool will know automatically the equivalent Advance Steel 2016 database to which the merge is done.

The database is loaded. Only the tables that can be converted are displayed.

5. Select the tables to convert and click Convert.

The tables are automatically converted. The databases can be used with the new Advance Steel version.

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