In order to install Autodesk Advance Steel in silent mode, a deployment needs to be created.

A deployment is a server-based image of a product's installation files, and it is an efficient way to get the product installed on multiple computers. Server-based images avoid the need of distributing DVDs for installation, so time is not wasted by individually installing the product for each computer. The deployment allows the installation for all workstations with a single customization for the whole process.

Before creating a deployment, create a shared folder with permissions for every user. Install the product only on one workstation and, before beginning the installation on the others computers, verify if the product is working correctly.
The deployment can be created when the setup starts.

How to create a deployment in order to install Advance Steel 2015 in silent mode?

The deployment is configured from the specific page. The deployment name and the location where the Administrative image will be created need to be specified.

How to create a deployment in order to install Advance Steel 2015 in silent mode?

One of the installation settings is to run in silent mode. This option should be checked in order to install Autodesk Advance Steel 2015 in silent mode. Also, the network and the client log files should be created. The deployment will run without user interaction.

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