For example, for the hinged supports loads distribution, the moment components, which are displayed by default, overload the report with null values.

Therefore, in order to obtain an optimized report:

  • Delete the moments null values
  • Create 2 table columns per page

If the user requests "Point support actions by element", for each element there will be 8 columns (Element No., Load case No. and the 6 effort components). It is now possible to customize this table using the "Report generator".

How is a report customized

Select the table (Point support actions by element) and then click "Create tables".

The "Create table" dialog box appears. The initial components of the table are displayed on the right side of the dialog box. To delete the unnecessary components (Mx, My and Mz), select them and click the left arrow.

It is also possible to add in the table all the other components (such as displacements, forces, etc.).

How is a report customized

Save this table by clicking the Save button. To save it with a different name, click Save As.
The customized table is saved in the User table category of the "Report Generator", from where it can be inserted in the structure of the Document to generate (the table icon is red to avoid confusing the customized table with the initial one).
In the table properties dialog box it is possible to select the Two columns option, in order to save paper.

How is a report customized

The report is now succinct (2 times less pages by publishing two columns per page) and more explicit (the useless data is deleted). The new report can be reused later and it does not overwrite the initial report.

How is a report customized

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