Insert project data

Project data can be inserted in the DWG project.
In the Pilot, right-click Project and select "Properties..." from the context menu.

How can I use project data in title blocks and in lists

In the following dialog box define the project properties:

How can I use project data in title blocks and in lists

The inputted values are saved as attributes and can be used in title blocks and lists.

Note: You can create a line break by typing "\p" in the edit line.
You also have to resize the text field in the title block.

Using the project data in title blocks and lists

Project data is displayed in title blocks as attributes.
First, insert the corresponding attributes in the template of the title block.

Advance attributes :  
Project name < projectname >
Project number < projectnumber >
Investor name < investorname >
Building name < buildingname >
Building location < buildinglocation >
Contractor < contractor >
Order date < orderdate >
Designer < designer >
Construction date < constructiondate >
Detailer < detailer >
Date (System attribute) < date >
Username (System attribute) < author >

An example is in "Titleblock A3.a.dwg" in "\Support\Sample\Document"..

User-defined attributes for lists

You can create user-defined attributes for lists.
First, in the list template create a text entry according to the pattern < User: Attributename >, where the text after "User" is also the description of the attribute in the properties lists.
You can access this user-defined attribute from the properties list.

Special attributes for lists  
Page number < pagenum >
Layout name < plannumber >

Note: Newly created elements in templates must first be added in the lists using the tools for lists. The list generator can be started in START / Programs / Graitec / Advance Concrete / Lists.

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