The installation of Advance Steel 2010 does not affect previous releases (8.1 or 2009); if you choose the typical installation (recommended) Advance Steel 2010 will be installed in a new path C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010.

After installing Advance Steel 2010, enter your serial number and activation code to activate the product.

After the activation is complete, to use in Advance Steel 2010 the previous customizations (e.g., adding new coating, drawings styles, lists, modifying prototypes, etc.) done in Advance Steel 2009, you need to do a few steps to bring the settings into the new version. These steps are described below.

  • All the information regarding the previous customizations is saved in the databases. We need to import the information from the old databases into the new databases using the Management tools. Open the Management Tools in Advance Steel 2010, and click the Convert Database icon:
  • How is the customization from a previous Advance Steel version merged

  • In the next dialog box click the icon which is below "Convert what" and select the 2009 version of the files which you need to convert (AstorBase, AstorProfiles, AstorRules, and AstorSettings).
  • How is the customization from a previous Advance Steel version merged

  • Click Continue.
  • How is the customization from a previous Advance Steel version merged

  • In the "Result of the comparison" window, click Convert to proceed with the conversion.
  • How is the customization from a previous Advance Steel version merged

  • Finally, click OK to finish the conversion.

  • Another database that we need to update to the new version is the AstorAddIn.

  • The process to update it is different from that used for the previous databases.

  • For an AstorAddIn from 2009, you need to copy the AstorAddin from the 2009 folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2009\User2\Data) to the 2010 folder (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\User2\Data)

  • In addition to the database conversions, you also need to convert your existing Prototypes to Advance Steel 2010 and Standard Part Templates. To do this, copy them to the right location in the Advance Steel 2010 folder, and then open and save the files in Advance Steel 2010.

  • Also if you created or modified symbols in 2009 you need to copy them to the 2010 symbols folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\Shared\Support\Symbols)

Warning: If in the previous version the Author was not change to other than "DSC", the merge functionality will not work.

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