Overview drawings can also display holes and bolts, and not only the main elements (beams and plates).
In order to display bolts and holes in overview drawings, you need to:

  • Configure the drawing style for bolts and holes
  • Enable the display of these entities in the overview drawings
1. The drawing style

By default, the display of holes is disabled in the drawing styles for a faster detailing process.
You can configure the drawing style to display bolts and holes as follows:

  • Open the Drawing Style Manager.
  • How are holes in overview drawings displayed

  • Choose an overview drawing style. For example: ViewV - NoDim NoLab.
  • Select "Object presentation".
  • Check if a model object named Ho exists. If it does not, create one by clicking the "Add a new object presentation" icon.
  • How are holes in overview drawings displayed

  • The model object will be added at the end of the list. To configure this model presentation for holes, perform the following steps:
  • - In the "Model objects" window, select Ho located in the "Holes" category.
    - Geometric Restriction: All
    - Depth position: Any
    - Presentation: Visible (to display only the visible holes) / VisibleHidden (to display the hidden holes as well)
    - Labeling: Off
The hole model object should look as shown below:

How are holes in overview drawings displayed

2. Enable the bolts and holes display in overview drawings

After you have configured the drawing style, you need to enable the default value allowing the detailing of bolts and holes in the overview drawings.

  • Open Management Tools:
  • How are holes in overview drawings displayed

  • Select the defaults tab and find "Holes in erection drawings" in the "Drawing-Presentation" category.
  • Set the value of this parameter to 1.
  • Save the database and close Management Tools.