Advance Concrete is able to identify if a selected assembly matches a predefined solution.

It does this by looking at the element type and at the relation between their topological elements.

For example in this case it memorizes the walls have perpendicular faces:

How does the assembly recognition work

If the program is presented with a situation where the walls are not perpendicular this solution will not be shown.

Other conditions the program looks for are:
- parallelism
- intersection
- coincidence
- alignment
- order
- ...

For example in this case, the program memorizes that the column is on the face of wall:

How does the assembly recognition work

It means that, when presented with a column that is not on the wall face the program will not apply the solution:

How does the assembly recognition work

However, if you had a solution defined for the second case, then you could use it everywhere. The program considers the "face column" is a particular case of the "column in wall".

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