For the collision check the body is calculated in the following way:

- get the middle point of the bolt
- get the body at the middle point.

The body is composed from 6 bodies:
- topSet,
- bottomSet,
- topTool,
- bottomTool,
- topBolt,
- bottomBolt.

How to calculate the body for collision check for a bolt

Top Tool Diameter = it is taken from the database (AstorBase - Tools) if it exists, otherwise is calculated based on the formula:

bolt diameter * DataBase Default( Pattern_ToolDiameter

Bottom Tool Diameter = is taken from the database (AstorBase - Tools) if it exists, otherwise is calculated based on formula:

bolt diameter * DataBase Default ( Pattern_ToolDiameter

Binding length = grip length (Bolt - Advance Steel Properties - Length).

Top Bolt Diameter and Bottom Bolt Diameter are equal (= bolt diameter).

In case a collision between a bolt and any other object is found, try to revert the bolt direction and check again. It is possible that the bolt does not interfere anymore with the object.

Calculated Body of the bolt is used for intersection with every body of the object from the model. If it is intersected with another body, it calculates the intersection body.

The dimensions (height, diameter) of the washers and nuts are in AstorBase - SetNutsBolts, and for Tool are in AstorBase - Tools. These dimensions depend on the definition of the bolts (AstorBase - SetOfBolts).

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