Analyze your Advance Steel models with A360 Viewer

A360 is the best way to manage and share your Autodesk software. It is a cloud system that enables your company to store projects centrally, so that the whole team can access and update them. You can get involved by creating your free account now.

One of A360's brilliant features is A360 Viewer, which is the perfect place to keep your Advance Steel models. However, the sheer breadth of features can make it somewhat daunting to the inexperienced user. However, this video will take you through the basics, and show you how to get on the way to becoming an Advance Steel master.

AutoCAD 2017 - Windows 10 missing Arial Narrow font

Using A360 Viewer allows you to examine your models however you want, as you can zoom in or out, and easily move your view around the object.

It also gives you the chance to personalize your settings, so you can analyze your model in the way best suited to your workflow. You can change measurement units, change attributes and make many other adjustments.

Importantly, this viewer gives you increased opportunity for collaboration, as it lets you share and comment within your team.

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