When upgrading from Advance Steel 2010 to Advance Steel 2011, we can migrate almost all the user settings (drawing styles, prototypes, newly added bolts) by performing the following steps, depending on the type of customizations:

1. Any setting made in a "User" category, like Drawing Styles, Drawing Processes, Manual label configurations, Prefix settings, BOM templates and preferred sizes are saved in the AstorAddIn.mdb database. To transfer the settings to Advance Steel 2011, the database must be copied from its AS 2010 location,
C:\ProgramData\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\User2\Data, to the equivalent folder in Advance Steel 2011, C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Advance Steel\2011\User2\Data.

2. If the modification appeared in a different database than the AstorAddIn, for example:
- AstorBase:
• newly added or modified Bolts, Anchors or Shear Studs
• new materials or coatings
• new model roles
• symbol configurations

- AstorGratings: New or modified gratings

- AstorRules:
• Configurations done to the accepted profile sizes / classes by joints like the Purlin structural element
• Saved joint library entries

- AstorSettings: modifications done to the default values.

To transfer the settings made to these databases, we need to merge the databases with a tool provided by Management tools:
- Open Management Tools with the command located on the AS Tools ribbon.

How are user settings migrated to a newer Advance Steel version?

- Use the Convert database option.

How are user settings migrated to a newer Advance Steel version?

- Select the old version of the database (for example the AstorGratings.mdb from Advance Steel 2010, located in C:\ProgramData\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\Steel\Data) and click the Continue button. The convert tool will know automatically the equivalent AS 2011 database to which the merge is done.

The merge operation will copy any existing new entries in the source database to the destination database, and also compare all the entries that exist in both databases and update the ones in the destination database if any differences are found between them.

3. Support dwg files like Prototypes, BoM on Drawing templates, Connection Templates, Standard part template files and Symbol dwg files can be simply moved from their Advance Steel 2010 folder to the equivalent Advance Steel 2011 folder.

Note: even if an older file is recognized by Advance Steel 2011, it is recommended to convert the files to the newer version before using them, to save the time that Advance Steel would require to convert them every time it tries to access or use it. For example, during detailing, Advance Steel would require to convert the prototype each time it creates a drawing, leading to a speed decrease of the detailing operation.

To convert a file:

- Open the file with Advance Steel.
- Use the Save as option, and select as a file format AutoCAD® 2007.

How are user settings migrated to a newer Advance Steel version?

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