If you use Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit, you may have noticed that some editing commands on Autodesk Revit take longer to execute when the Advance PowerPack is installed. It seems that the issue is related to commands that require modifications in the geometry of the room, for example the operation set to shift the room-forming wall. It’s also worth mentioning that the problem is mostly visible on projects which consist of a high number of rooms.

The issue appears when refreshing the ‘G.Floor Type’ parameter for rooms, which is added by the ‘Room Finishes’ command.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this, one that involves disabling the problematic updater by using a macro which would run at every Revit startup, meaning that you will need to go through the following process only once.

  1. Start Revit and on the ‘Manage’ ribbon run the ‘Macro manager’ command
  2. On the ‘Macro Manager’ dialog create a new module (by using the ‘Module’ button)
  3. Next enter any module name (for example ‘fix’) and press the ‘OK’ button.

       4. Wait a few seconds until the editor opens

       5. Next overwrite the content in the editor with the content from the table below:

  • Select all text in the table and press CTRL+C
  • Select all text in the editor and press CTRL+V

        6. Next press the F8 button on the keyboard (or an icon as on the picture below).

       7. Close the editor.

       8. Restart Revit.

After this, every time you run Revit, the macro will be automatically executed (this operation is not visible and in practice does not affect the start time of the program).



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