The import / export functionality for the system tree of Advance Design models is useful either when you want to re-use the same subsystem structure in a new model, or when you want to create several groups of the same subsystem structure in the same model.

How is the system tree imported /exported


  • In the case of a model with several floors, you will need to create a system for each level of the structure (Level 1, Level 2, etc).

  • Each level will contain subsystems for each type of structural elements (Columns, Beams, Slabs, Walls, etc).

  • To export the system tree created for the first level, right click in the Pilot on Structure and select System Management > Export Tree. The tree is named and saved as a file with an .xml extension.

  • The system tree will be exported in a XML file. Name this file and select its location on the disk in the "Save as" dialog box.

  • To import the system tree previously exported, right click in the Pilot on Structure (correspondingly, on the system in which you want to import subsystems) and select System Management > Import Tree.

  • Select the XML previously saved.
  • How is the system tree imported /exported

The subsystems previously exported will be added to the already existing systems. Therefore, you will easily create a structure of repetitive groups of subsystems.

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