While working on a civil engineering project, several changes can be made in the structural model. These changes should also be visible in the detailing drawings that have already been created. Performing an update on each view, one at a time, is time-consuming.

Advance Concrete offers the possibility to reduce the amount of time and the number of operations necessary for these modifications. Several drawings can be updated automatically, with a single command.
It is called "Update drawings" and it can be accessed from the "Modeling" ribbon, on the "Drawing creation" tab:

How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?

How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?

the command, a window containing a list of all the drawings from the project appears:

Next to each drawing title, there is an icon indicating the drawing status, according to the legend displayed in the right side of the window.

If all the changes applied to the model are included in the drawings, they will all appear as updated.

The creation date and the date of the last update for each drawing are also displayed in the "List of drawings" window.

After applying changes to certain structural elements, only the drawings that contain these elements will require an update.
They will be flagged accordingly, both in the Pilot and in the "Update drawings" list:

How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?

In order to make the changes visible in the invalidated drawings, these are selected, followed by clicking the "Ok" button. Multi-selection can be done easily with the help of "Shift" and "Control" keys.

Then, all the selected drawings will be automatically opened and updated, consecutively. No action will be performed on the drawings that have not been selected.

For example, in the following case, a drawing that requires an update will not be included in the selection:

How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?

After finalizing the command, the drawing that was not included in the selection set will remain invalidated, as shown in the "Update drawings" window.

How can several drawings be updated simultaneously?

In order to apply this command, at least one drawing must be selected. If a drawing is not selected, a warning message will appear after clicking the "Ok" button.

This tool is available both in projects that use external DWGs for drawings/layouts and in projects where a single DWG file contains all the drawings and documents.

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