The Advance Design Steel Connection module is available for Advance Design Premium, Advance Design Professional Steel and Melody Structure + Attaches. To be able to use this module, the user must install the Advance Steel application. This new module was specifically created for steel joints calculations according to Eurocode3 and American Institute Steel Connection.

This module can be opened from Advance Design, from the "Start Menu/All Programs/Graitec/Advance Design 2012/Advance Design – Steel Connection" icon or from the Melody Structure + Attaches program.

All the connections managed by the program are saved in a project. In order to create new connections in Advance Design Steel Connection, the user must first create and save a project.

The picture below explains the options available in Advance Design Steel Connection.

What is the Advance Design Steel Connection module and how can be used?

1 -Opening and saving the project
2 -Import/export GTC files
3 -The connections available for calculations
4 -The connected beams; forces and joint properties
5 -The view options
6 -The report format; the measurement units and the general application options
7 -Options for the documents printing
8 -The list of the connections contained in the project
9 -The 3D visualization of the joint
10-The connection detailing
11-The calculations included in the report

The picture shows the project name, "test", the contained joint "Apex haunch 1" and the calculations obtained after the joint check.

Advance Design Steel Connection can be used along with Advance Design. Advance Design Steel Connection is available only from the analysis part of Advance Design, after the connected beams sections are defined and the connection efforts are calculated. In Advance Design, the connections are created using the options from the "Connection creation" toolbar. To calculate the connections, the user must select it and from the right click menu the user must choose the "Export to ADSC" option. The user can export many connections at the same time. All the connections exported will be saved in the same project.

For connections imported from Advance Design, the user cannot change the connected element sections or the connection efforts. These parameters were defined in Advance Design and changing them would affect the performed calculations. When a connection is exported from Advance Design, and the Advance Design Steel Connection module is opened, Advance Design becomes inactive. Advance Design will be available only after the Advance Design Steel Connection module is closed.

The calculation report generated by Advance Design Steel Connection will contain the detailed calculations and the connection details:

What is the Advance Design Steel Connection module and how can be used?

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