An easy way of managing the structure elements is to organize them in systems and subsystems (which together make a tree of systems). Starting from version 2012, the systems can be copied faster in the Pilot, by using the specific commands "Copy" / "Paste".

For example, consider the tree of systems from Figure 1. The tree of subsystems from the "1st floor" system will be copied to the "2nd floor" system. To do this, the subsystems are selected and the "Copy" option is chosen (right click on the selected subsystems).

How is an existing tree of systems copied faster in the Pilot?
Figure 1. Copying a tree of subsystems

Then, from the context menu (right click on the destination system – 2nd floor), select the "Paste" option (Figure 2).

Note: By copying systems, the elements within them are not copied.

How is an existing tree of systems copied faster in the Pilot?
Figure 2. Paste a tree of subsystems

Furthermore, renaming the systems can be done faster by using the <F2> key on the selected system.

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