If the Advanced stability option is activated in Advance Design on steel members, after the Steel calculation, the results will be available in the Shape sheet:


Post processing results

Figure 1 – Post processing results


In the Cross sections strength tab from the Shape sheet, Second  order analysis results are shown as Normal stress, Shear stress, Von Mises stress and Critical Load Factor:


Shape sheet results

Figure 2 – Shape sheet results


The Elements stability tab of the Shape sheet is disabled as it is now irrelevant. The reason is that the verifications are carried out with the forces resulted from Second order analysis, in which the imperfections have already been introduced. Member stability according to §6.3 is no longer necessary, as stated in §5.2.2(7)a) from EN1993-1-1.


Normal stress σx is based on normal force Nx, bending moments My and Mz as well as on warping moment Mw

Shear stress τ is based on shear forces Vy and Vz as well as on torsional moment Mx (Mx = Mxp + Mxs)

Von Mises stress σVM is based on normal and shear stresses.

The obtained values are then compared to the limit stresses:



The Critical Load factor results display the dominant eigenvalue (αcr).

αcr > 1.00 ensures that the element is numerically stable.

The Critical Load factor also impacts the critical axial force (Ncr) and the critical bending moment (Mcr) by magnification of the first order forces.


These results are also available in the detailed shape sheet:

                         Detailed report results

Figure 3 – Detailed report results


Results for Advanced stability are also available in the Steel Design results, where work ratios for steel members are displayed:

  • Work ratio – Normal stress σx
  • Work ratio – Shear stress τ
  • Work ratio – Von Mises stress σVM

                                                                                                                         Steel design results toolbar  

Figure 4 – Steel design results toolbar


Furthermore, two new entries on the dialog of Result curves give the possibility to display:

  • The second order forces and moments diagrams (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz, Mw)
  • The second order displacements and rotations (Dx, Dy, Dz, Rx, Ry, Rz, Rw)

                                                                      Steel design results toolbar

Figure 5 – Advance Stability result curves


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