Posted Mon, 13 Apr 2015 12:18:32 GMT by John Ryan Ryan Bros
I want to split a rafter beam into two separate lengths and
join with two plates over a column (it is too long) I have
tried drawing a polyline and then using the split beam
function, however it shows as separation not possible.
Can you tell me how to rectify?

Also I have set up a connection template in a separate file.
The connection is a plate on both the flange of a column
and a beam joined with an angle. When I try to insertion
connection template it does not show the plates on the
flanges but it shows the angle and the bolts that should
connect to the plates. I set up the plates using the 'plate
along beam flange command' I have tried different
variations many times with the same result.
How do I rectify this?
Posted Fri, 08 May 2015 17:03:31 GMT by
HI John,The split beam command fails beause the beams in your model are aprt of a Gable Frame macro. You will have to delete the joint box around the gable frame to split the beams. The user connection may be placing the plates at the wrong end of the column as you sometimes need to create a left and right handed version of a joint based on the orientation of the first driver component. Also make sure you select all the joint boxes around the building bricks (your plates) when defining the connection tempalle or they will not be included.Regards,Aleck GilesApplciation Engineer - Graitec.

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