Posted Thu, 30 Sep 2010 23:56:12 GMT by Greg Daneshvar
Bevel weld is missing on Moment connection, Shear plate  dialog boxes. How we can have this weld option on all connection variables?
I needed to weld column stiffener to flange using C.J.P. option.
Posted Fri, 01 Oct 2010 09:14:15 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU

Joints that don't provide the weld type control from inside the joint dialog, allow the user to change the weld type by accesing the weld properties dialog (right click on the weld symbol in the model and choose : "Advance properties"). Here you can change for a weld all the parameters that are not available in the joint dialog, without interfering with the joint.

Dumitru Berteanu
Posted Fri, 01 Oct 2010 17:19:11 GMT by Greg Daneshvar
If the weld is created by joint properties, when you right click on weld & go to "Advance Properties" weld type id dimmed (gray) & can not be changed. Any other solution?

Best regards,
Greg Daneshvar
Posted Mon, 04 Oct 2010 08:44:45 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU
Please provide us with a clear example of where this problem appear. If a weld made by a joint is grey when accessing it from the model, then those options are available to change from inside the joint.
For example the joint shear plate. The joint creates a weld between the plate and the main beam : the weld type in this case can't be set from the joint dialogue, but its accessible from outside, by right clicking it in the model and accessing the properties window.
The joint also creates a weld between the stiffeners and the main beam, and this weld can be configured from inside the joint (while outside, the option is grey) - see attached picture for the location of the stiffer weld type from inside the joint.
Posted Mon, 04 Oct 2010 18:17:45 GMT by Greg Daneshvar

Attached is a sample of a beam to column connection where I like to use C.J.P.

Greg Daneshvar

Posted Tue, 05 Oct 2010 13:05:46 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU

Please reattached the file into an archived, as I am not able to downloading the current attachment.
Posted Tue, 05 Oct 2010 14:57:48 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU

All the weld types that can be used inside a joint are stored in the following database : AstorRules.mdb / Table : RULE_GableWallEndPlate_New_WeldType.
To add a new weld here, do the following steps :
Open Management Tools. Go to table editor.
Click on "Open table(MDB)" and go to C:\ProgramData\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\Steel\Data. Here, load : AstorRules
Open the table : RULE_GableWallEndPlate_New_WeldType
Add a new line. Use an unique value in the key column, and the Weld name in the RunName column.
Save the database.
Now the missing weld should be available in the joint dialogue when modifying the weld type for the stiffeners.

Dumitru Berteanu.
Posted Thu, 07 Oct 2010 15:19:57 GMT by Greg Daneshvar
Thanks for reply & help. Oliver in tech support helped me to set the bevel weld in all connections.

Greg Daneshvar

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