Posted Thu, 23 Sep 2010 18:55:46 GMT by Miguel RUIVO

Hi i need to Add a new diameter in the assembly bolts ASTM A 307. like 5/16" how can i do this?





Posted Mon, 27 Sep 2010 09:01:16 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU Graitec ROMANIA

To add a new diameter to a bolt assembly, you need to open Management Tools and go to : Bolt editor.
- go to "Bolt assembly"
- search your assembly and open it till you find the diameters available.
- right click on any diameter and press "Copy". From the copy window that appears, select the diameter you need (in this roll-down dialog you should have available all bolt diameters that can be created in AS, without any restriction).
- after confirming the new diameter, you can configure it as required.
- the diameter will be created with a blue color in the tree view - this means that its not saved. After configurating it, press on "Save in database" to load the new configuration in the database - the colour will change to black confirming it.
Note : a bolt assembly uses a bolt in its configuration. When creating a new bolt assembly diameter as in this case, you need to make sure that the used bolt has this diameter avaliable in its configuration. If it doesn't have, you can either change the bolt used to one that has, or create the new diameter in the bolt configuration aswell. To do this, in the same bolt editor go to the category : Bolt (first in list). Here, search for the used bolt (information that can be found in the bolt assembly category / Bolt tab ) and go to the avaliable diameters. Right click on a diameter and copy it (as you did when creating the new bolt assembly).  The bolt will be created with the lenght of the copied one, but you can change this by deleting/adding new lenghts, and making other configurations like bolt head dimensions, weight or part name.

Dumitru Berteanu

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