Posted Tue, 01 Oct 2013 16:28:29 GMT by Angie Thompson
Good morning! I've got things working on my end and we've gotten a model to transfer over but we have an issue. A lot of things that do transfer like Stairs, Handrail, Wide flange get changed into something else and proves it not very functional within the program. is there any way to get around that? I'm importing the IFC file from an older version of Tekla.

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Posted Tue, 01 Oct 2013 22:04:03 GMT by Gomez Marcellus

When the IFC file is imported, the CAD program is able to calculate the length of the element.

Regarding the import of the IFC file in other 3D steel software, the entire structure is correctly imported and the structural elements are recognized. Graitec BIM, IFC, IFC2 schema is needed. As AS - Tekla import/export solutions you can use the following formats : CIS/2 and IFC, supported by both software for data transfer.

In order to export a 3D model from TEKLA Structures to Advance Steel:

- within TEKLA Structures, select all the 3D model (included bolts), then File > Export > CIMSteel > "Design/manufacturing model", then choose "Manufacturing" as "CIS/2 Model Type" and press "Create"

- within Advance Steel, press "Import CIS/2 from TEKLA Structures" icon, select the CIS/2 file to import, then select "XSteel" as Application

Nota: it might happen that a conversion dialog opens - if some sections are not recognized automatically - when you import the 3D model in Advance Steel => just select the corresponding Advance Steel section in the "Section conversion" dialog (it will be saved in a database for later import)

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