Posted Tue, 09 Oct 2012 10:56:51 GMT by
How does one create a node detail from any view of a
drawing and ensuring the location from which the node is
shown is circled/ marked.

I see there is an option to create a 'Section'/ Cut view
which shows a marking like A-A. How can a similar thing
be achieved for a zoomed view (node detail).

I understand I can create node views from the model
directly but this does not provide a marking on the location
from which the node detail is being shown.

Tanveer Singh
Posted Wed, 10 Oct 2012 09:15:28 GMT by Sorin Bularca Graitec ROMANIA


The node detailfunction can be used only in model space to generate a drawing.

The section/cut vieware usually used in assemblies or single part drawings while in this type ofdrawings you cannot create node details because in most cases the node elementsdo not belong only to one assembly.

If you want to detailnodes and  indicate their position related to the model I recommend you touse “camera at node” function available in the standard tool palette. For moreinformation check the following link with the AS documentation, pages 150-151 :

To display the camera position on a drawing, you needto make a general arrangement drawing in which you include an objectpresentation rule for Cameras. 

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