Posted Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:58:08 GMT by Vincent BURNETTER Lapeyre Stair guy

When I place a weld symbol in a drawing the weld size (the text for example 1/8") always covers up the actual weld symbols. Is there a way to somehow move that text a little to the left so it does not encroach the actual symbol?  I can do this by exploding the weld symbol and physically moving the text to the right or left but, I would like it to happen automatically.

Posted Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:59:37 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU Graitec ROMANIA

We didn't find a problem in how the weld text is placed in relation with the weld symbol. They are not overlapping, the weld text is placed under the leader line and the symbol on its right. The text can overlap the leader line if the weld symbol is set to small (there is a default which controls the weld size, called : "Weld symbol size". In order to investigate the problem you are referring, please give us more information about version of Advance Steel and language installation, and as well send us an example.

Dumitru Berteanu.

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