Hello to all,

It maybe happens that you wonder what means something like "GTA" or "CO" in the name of the drawing styles. These are some of the abbrevations used to avoid to have a too long name for a drawing style.

Here is a list of the most common used abbreviations for the English version of Advance Steel:

AB => Above, Below
Al => All
AssGr => Assembly Group
AttBea => Attached Beam
AttBentBea => Attached Bent Beam
AttPa => Attached Part
AttPl => Attached Plate
Bb => Baseboard
BentBea => Bent (curved) Beam
Bp => Baseplate
Bo => Bolts
CO => Clipping Off
CX => Clipping in X-direction
CXY => Clipping in XY- direction
Den => Denotation
Eb => Ellbow
End => End of railing
Ep => Endplate
F, => Fr Front, Front
F8 => Front infinite (depth)
Fd => Filled Rod
GTA => Global, Top, All
GBA => Global, Bottom, All
Gr => Grid
Guid => with Guideline
Ho => Holes
Hr => Hand railing
Kr => Knee railing
LTS => Local, Top, Single
LBS => Local, Bottom, Single
LR => Left, Right
Li => Linear

Hoping it will help you to become an expert of the drawing styles!