Posted Wed, 13 Mar 2013 20:36:42 GMT by Vincent BURNETTER Lapeyre Stair guy
When I make a dxf of a channel (MC12x10.6 for example) they always show up backwards and I am forced to mirror each one so our plasma does not cut a mirror image of the part. What I mean is the dfx shows the flanges pointing towards you and not away.

Is there a way to choose which face of a channel should be shown? It takes way to long to mirror each dxf.

Thank you,
Posted Fri, 07 Jun 2013 22:14:08 GMT by Vincent BURNETTER Lapeyre Stair guy

Just installed A.S. 2013 and same issue.  Could somebody be so kind as to answer this question I asked a month ago on march 13th?


Posted Mon, 10 Jun 2013 08:27:42 GMT by Dumitru BERTEANU Graitec ROMANIA

The DXF file is a 100% geometrical translation of the NC file, which is created based on the DSTV specification.

In NC, the coordonates for the top/bottom/front/back faces are given based on the profile shape and the origin of the zero point. This zero point placement needs to have the same position for each face, and also on each face its positioned at the bottom-left corner. Due to this, the direction of the top/bottom faces will differ : one will be from the outside in, and the other one from the inside-out. I've attached a sample with a small model, and three pictures explaining how the faces are calculated.

The faces in NC can't be controlled dirrectly. Each beam will have a specific direction defined during creation, which is based on the internal coordonate system. This can't be modified by the user. The, the DsTV-NC criterias will be applied to the face assignation and to how the coordonates appear in the NC file. Then, the DXF just takes those coordonates and draws a contour, with no relation to how Advance Steel detailing works and creates top, bottom, front, back views.


Posted Mon, 10 Jun 2013 15:49:37 GMT by Vincent BURNETTER Lapeyre Stair guy

Dumitru,   Thank you for the reply. 

   I understand exactly what you explained. It was very clear. There seems to be nothing I can do to fix this for our needs.

I have only one outstanding thought which continues to give me hope. In my version of a.s. 2011 originally the dxf's came out correct.  A service pack or an upgrade to 2012 changed that. (im not sure which) Sadly they have since been removed from our cad computers. So I know there is a possible way to do what I am asking. Your designers do custom code for things like this correct?  This may be something we would be interseted in.  Again Thank you very much for the clear and detailed reply.

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