Posted Tue, 25 Mar 2014 18:32:34 GMT by Nenad

The problem:
Imagine you have lot of similar assemblies. Imagine you have lot of same parts in them, and few different main-parts.
Now, if you put a view that is not displaying main-part on a drawing, and want to label the main-part (select any part and add "main part label" - as the goal is to name the assembly), you'll get a surprise:
The one part you "attach" the label to will not display just the name of the main part of the current assembly, but the main parts of the all assemblies that part is a part of.
See the pictures attached.

The question: how can I label an assembly (with the main part label) if the main part is hidden in this view? Turning on the "hidden lines" don't help, as the main part has a "pair" in front of him in this view, so the hidden lines are not displayed.


P.s. - was there always a "stretch" option in bottom right corner for stretching the message input area, or was my critics useful? :) One way or the other - it is nice to be able to see bigger then 4 rows area for message input. Cheers

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Posted Fri, 23 May 2014 10:14:44 GMT by Marian Bandzak

Hello Nenad,

I checked for the option, but I didn´t find any - I asked Autodesk support, if I receive answer, I will let you know.

There is also option to label objcts that are not visible in the drawing, maybe this workaround could help you:



Posted Mon, 26 May 2014 13:06:29 GMT by Marian Bandzak

Hello Nenad,

Unfortunately option that you need is not available in AS at this moment. Autodesk accepted this as the request for the development.



Posted Tue, 27 May 2014 09:50:09 GMT by Nenad

Thank You Marian for Your time and help.

I will try the workaround with the labels for hidden objects for now.



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