Posted Wed, 19 Mar 2014 18:59:58 GMT by Nenad
Dear all,

I am trying to find the best way to stretch multiple labels at once.
I can't select multiple labels and stretch them (want to "move" the label text at once, but to keep the attaching points of the labels at the model.

It is rather needed option me and my colleagues need on a daily bases.

However - it is possible to move all the labels at once so they end up "in the air" and I can't think a reason why anybody would EVER want to do that.

Please see the attached photo:
I could do this with I 2 clicks:
1. selection rectangle
2. click on a point, stretch to desired position, and release.

Now, I have to use 5 clicks and to do 4x millage from previous suggested method (and that if I don't select labels one at the time).

I gave you an example with just 4 labels. I have lot of examples where I need to move 10-20 labels.

Thank you in advance for an answer.
(the 6 rows for entering the post really amuse me...)

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Posted Fri, 21 Mar 2014 09:28:12 GMT by Alick O'May Peter Mitchell and Sons draftman

hoilding shift as u select the points u wont to move (blue squaers) thay go red when thay selected wons u have all labels selected letgo of shift click one red squar then move mouse

but it seems to keep the ratio between the label and the object  insted of just keeping the postion between label 

Posted Fri, 21 Mar 2014 10:24:02 GMT by Nenad

Thanks, I tought I have tried that. It's working.

It would be faster and easier if I could select all at once with rectangular sel. (as with AC comand "stretch") rather then clicking on every squaerl, but it is better then strethcing one by one...

Thanks again,


Posted Wed, 18 Jun 2014 09:54:24 GMT by Nenad

Hi all,

just to add: the shift method is very unconfort in everyday use: as we all know, holding the shift and clicking the line or text in autocad de-selects that entity (yes, I know it can be changed, but it is ok - this issue appart).

Now, due to the speed of working, approx 20% of selecting of blue squaers results in missing the sqare and clicking on a label, which ends up de-selected. And now I have to click 2 more times on it to select it again and make it red.

Final result:

4 clicks to make it red... Just for one of that 20% squares. The others still need 2 clicks. Or preselection of multiple labs, but that brings up another issue that probably needs a tread of it's own (the position of the lable attaching points - often it is too close to some other part so you have to pre-select the lable to mark the belonging element...)

Am I the only one out there with thoughts that label stretching needs a little improvement? All the other users are happy and satisfied?

p.s. - I realy don't understand the logic: for example, you can move all the selected labels as far as you want, the end point can be far from the element it is labeling, but you can't stretch it...

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