Posted Thu, 26 Jun 2014 17:39:41 GMT by Pete Cardoso Mega Contracting


Is there any tool or setting for the labels in order to keep in place or lock the location after the clean up is done in a (GA) erection drawing? Every time that I update the labels comes to the original place and it is a mess (too much time to relocate again to the appropriate location).


Posted Fri, 27 Jun 2014 15:29:27 GMT by Janet Black Graitec CANADA Advance Steel Specialist

Hi Pete,

For the moment there is not. There is multiple view positions for the Detail View label positions, however only two choices for the Cut view. See print screens attached. Perhaps that might change in the future. For a quick fix you could put the labels on a separate layer and use the AutoCAD M text command to create your own labels.

Best Regards,




Attachment: Detail title placement more

Posted Fri, 27 Jun 2014 16:45:01 GMT by Pete Cardoso Mega Contracting

Hi Janet,

The labels that I want to keep in place (lock) after manually edited are the mark’s labels (with leader arrow) in an erection drawing. (Please see attached files: one file indicates the wanted location of labels (manually moved), and the other file indicates the location of labels that I get by default (since the first time the drawing is created the labels always appear in the same original location after a update of a drawing.)


I have no problem to move few mark’s labels, but the issue is that there are many beams and many floors to be updated, and move again one by one after every update is a big issue.

Thank you.


Posted Fri, 27 Jun 2014 21:32:29 GMT by Janet Black Graitec CANADA Advance Steel Specialist

Hi Pete,

You can change the labeling position of your elements. Depending, on what Drawing Style and what sort of object you are labeling for example: Mp – Beam, AttBea,… you are using in the Drawing Style Manager (DSM).

  1. Open theDrawing Style Manager and under Drawing styles select the drawing style you are using.
  2. Select the Object Presentation then the type of model object you are using that you want to change the labeling position of.
  3. Take note of the Labelling Strategy used, For example we will use : Section Name S1”GuidG
  4. On theDrawing Style Manager and under Labeling strategies look for “Section Name S1”GuidG”
  5. Select the Arranger control under “Section Name S1”GuidG” andin the window to the left, Select “Arrange in object center”

Best Regards,



Attachment: LABEL-how to control

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