Posted Wed, 25 Jun 2014 14:36:54 GMT by Nenad

Hi all,

how can one save the predefned label type that is to be used with "insert label" command?

As until now, I have to select the command, type "C" for change, change every label tipe (SP and MP for plates and beams), and then use assign the labels.
Every time I have o go trough the same steps. It s not possible to save the settings, and the "Apply" button is greyed out all the time...

Every time the default type is "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001"" - I can't change it and save the new settings.

Also, from some reason I can't yet understand, the "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001" in drawing Style is NOT the same as "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001" in "Insert Label" content...
Can someone enlighte me?

if I change the label type, apply to (M)ultiple parts, and try to start the command again but without (C)hange, to use the last used label type, nothing is labeled and I get the message:

The label was not created because the annotation content would have been empty.

So I have to go trough selection process every time I start the label command.
Verry frustrating, need I to add?

None of my colleagues can save the changed settings as well (the "apply" button is greyed out also)


Attachment: Label

Posted Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:00:35 GMT by Marian Bandzak

Hi Nenad!

I found a workaround to set default labels for manual labeling:

- Run a "insertt label" command and b typing "C" open "label content mnager"

- Select "User" tree, right-click and set as current from the context menu

- Go inside the tree for label definitions for each type of object (e.g. beam) and remember the name of label content definition which is actually set as current

- Do any change in the content field (e.g. delete a part of the string) and from the roll-out menu choose some different label content definition. Now should happen that the "save" button is active (this seems to be a bug)

- Set back the label content definition which was default, make changes and save, do this for all objects you want

Now you should have the label content set according to your request also for future sessions.

I think that label content manager and drawing style manager are not linked, so even if there are labeling strategies with the same name, the content differs.



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