Posted Wed, 10 Sep 2014 19:13:20 GMT by Willow Hoadley Atlantic Equipment Installers, Inc Detailer

I am having difficulty with the Create Lists process and being able to reliably develop a material list.  As usual, following numbering I attempted to generate a material list, and on the first try I got it.  SUCCESS! I saved the material list and printed it so that I could review it.  After making a few changes to the model I re-ran the numbering and then updated the documents.  I selected the BOM editor and then checked the extract file from earlier.  This time the extract came up blank.  I have yet to successfully recreate the material list all day.  Also, when I use the create list feature I cannot always remove the lists that didnt work.  This has become the single most frustrating part of using Advance Steel for me and I am beginning to dread these steps for every project I work on.

Posted Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:05:15 GMT by

Hi Patrick, 

After you have made changes to a model after creating a list you indeed have to update your document. That new document can be accessed by the document manager. To remove lists that did not work you can delete documents just like you delete drawings, again done in the drawing manager. You can also delete them directly in your job folder in the extract s folder.

Next time you need to create a list it will be our pleasure to assist you in doing so. Write us a mail a couple of hours in advance and we will free up some time to walk you thru those steps.


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