Posted Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:03:41 GMT by Nenad

Hi all,

My coleagues and I have this problem often:

I create a plate as a part of one assy, and conect it to another plate (that is a part of another assy) with bolts. Then, from time to time I have to copy just one assy to a and connect it to a different assy. Often I have duplicate holes, and I get the different part numbers for paltes that are identical except the fact that one has duplicate holes and another just regular holes.

It is a little nightmare to delete the duplicate holes afterwards, as I can identify that there are duplicate holes, but I don't know which holes are needed - made by current bolt, and which are left overs that are copied with the plate...

Is there an easier way to delete the duplicate holes (the copied ones that are not created by current bolts?



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Posted Tue, 17 Jun 2014 16:21:33 GMT by Marian Bandzak

Hi Nenad,

To clean the model from duplicate holes you can use "_AUDIT" function of AutoCAD (AdvanceCAD). To use audit also with AS objects, you need to extend it on these objects by the switch/command "_AstM4CommAudit" - see the attached screenshot (I use CZ version).

It is recommended to use audit during creating model, due to it can fix many of modeling errors (such as e.g. duplicate shortenings), which can lead to model instability or problems with generated documentation. Also PURGE command is good to use to clean the model from some helping objects (not used but present in the model) - here just py attention due to this command deletes unused layers, blocks,... Don´t use AS AUDIT and PURGE in drawings, only in model.

Hope this will help :-)



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Posted Wed, 18 Jun 2014 11:01:23 GMT by Nenad

Hi Marian,

I have used Audit and Purge commands, I just didn't know that they can help with duplicate holes.

Now that you have mentioned it - it makes sense :)

I have tried the Overkill command, and it is also deleting duplicate holes...

p.s. - I have been using Audit and Purge commands on exploded drawings. I suppose it doesn't count.

Thanks for the tip,



p.s - I can stretch the message input area - juhu!

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