Posted Thu, 09 May 2013 12:20:39 GMT by Tomáš Vokatý user AS Brno
I have a problem with setup of prototype drawing. When I set up the position of details in drawing by the 
"define the layout" (I don´t know exact name of this command in EN AS). I set the initial node (x,y)
and space between columns and rows (5mm) and space between details (5 mm) (see attached picture).
But when I use this prototype in AS (in process drwings), the position of details is different than i setup in prototype.
Where is the problem? (please see attached model, drawing and prototype A4)

Thank you

Posted Thu, 09 May 2013 12:23:23 GMT by Tomáš Vokatý user AS Brno
Sending attached files. Thank you

Attachment: 00.ZIP

Posted Thu, 09 May 2013 12:25:43 GMT by Tomáš Vokatý user AS Brno
Sending screenshot of "define the layout".


Posted Mon, 14 Oct 2013 23:27:07 GMT by FEDERICO LLOBET

I have a similar problem, how did you fix it?

Posted Tue, 15 Oct 2013 08:57:59 GMT by Tomáš Vokatý user AS Brno

We tried every possibilites, but finaly we adjusted it manualy by command in AutoCAD "move". I don´t know, where is problem. When the drowings little out of center of drowing we let it be. When it seems bad we moved it on right place in drawing.

Posted Tue, 15 Oct 2013 15:29:24 GMT by Gomez Marcellus


When you modify a prototype it and save it, at times it will move the frame off the page when going to print, you can always go back to the prototype and verify if the frame is saved over the printing area and if it is not you can use the move command to place it properly and then do another save before exiting. Do another print test and adjust it accordingly until it is well centered on the printing area of the prototype. 


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