Posted Sat, 08 Mar 2014 22:55:11 GMT by Pete Cardoso

Please let me know how to fix these issues:

*In the model the bolts in some locations disappear, I checked the advance manager and the representation type of the bolt is solid. , also I filtered and select the bolts for the whole model and change the AS properties, but still the bolts don’t appear.

*I have this situation,  (please see attached file) We need ARCH D, ARCH E formats: In the document manager when l change prototype in an existing drawing, it doesn’t work correctly with my new prototype (the title block is incomplete).

Detail ANSI-E CAMERA 002 (I already created and attsync my new prototype ASDETPROTO ARCH E ERECTION).

*Connections at rolled channel don’t work properly (Shear plate doesn’t make contact with the channel web; Bent angle doesn’t make contact with the channel web) (please see attached file).

* How  to show top of steel elevation in GA drawing plan(top) view; I already create the elevations in the model, but the elevations doesn’t appear in the drawing framing top view. 

Thanks in advance.


Attachment: [file not found]

Posted Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:42:58 GMT by Alick O'May Peter Mitchell and Sons draftman

mite be eseyer to see problems and find solutions u uploaded the model 

"how to erase the features in this end"  rite clik section /advance propertys /display type / fetures   then u should see teh cut feture 

shear plate doesent make contact.....  maybe sum gap seting's in teh advanced joint prpertys   . same for angel , but u wouldent think there be a gap by defalt (hense wonting to see model)

the prototypes iv had same problem got sum assers from suport uther day , havent triyed it yet thow let me know if it works

Everything in the Page Setup dialogue for each prototype has to match, i.e. the printer has to be the same, the ctb file has to be the same, the paper size has to match etc. If anything is different or missing the prototype will not update. Open each of the prototypes you use and check that the printer and page size is valid. Also check that the ctb is set to AdvanceSteel.ctb or whichever one you use.


To access the Page Setup Manager, right click on the sheet tab at the bottom of the prototype and click on ‘Page Setup Manager’

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