Dear all,

In order to develop BIM solutions I have to export a model from Advance Design to Revit.

This model comes from REVIT with custom families that I've successfully imported to Advance.

I want to create a new model in REVIT by importing an Advance model.

I tried to import a GTCX file to REVIT, my result :

- Walls are exported correctly

- Concrete columns are exported in steel columns

- Concrete beams are not exported


I think it is related to a problem in the GTCMAPPING database.

I cannot find why importing a single RC beam from Revit to Advance successfully I cannot recreate it from scratch by exporting it in GTCX to REVIT.

Revit import log

Date : 03 septembre 2014 Time : 10:53

Revit document : Projet2

GTC file: C:\Users\CE.LEFEBVRE\Desktop\Nouveau dossier\test.gtcx

Following GTC elements failed to be imported:

Name : Beam GTC ID : 418 


Thanks in advance for any help,