Posted Sat, 09 May 2015 23:13:18 GMT by
Hi,After doing a test model of a structure and making all numbering and shop drawings I decided to draw some trusses on a gable roof to see how shop drawings update themselves.well I found out that I coudnt draw the framing again. When I pick to points to make a tubular truss it is done from two points projected on a plane above the roof.I have defined levels on my structure in order to enable them or not to make modeling more easy. Then I defined to each part at each level the level to which they belong. Now when I click on the bulb at the structure manager the leves doesnt dissapear or appear again. They just remain there. But when I delete the level the parts I defined to each level disspaear with it.What I have to do to model the truss and correct this modeling issue? I attached a picture showing what happens when I pic to points on the roof beams for the truss.Kind Regards!
Posted Wed, 13 May 2015 17:53:46 GMT by Janet Black Graitec Inc. Advance Steel Specialist
Hi Diego,A level is defined by the work planes. When a level is created it is active. You can tell it is active because the text is bold. Each element that is created on a level that is active will be attached to it. If you change the level height the item will move with it. If you want to move the item alone you must detach it from the Workplanes tab. Right click on the level and from the contextual menu select detach, you will be prompted to select which elements you want removed from the level work plane along with their Geometry points.To view all your levels select the structures button then hit the eye icon in the upper right of the dialog box.If you erase a level you will be prompted with a warning “Do you want to delete all the objects on this level? If you choose Yes, all the elements created and attached on the level will be deleted.See the links below for additional information.Graitec FAQs – How are elements attached in Advance Steel views & Project explorer AS 2011 (See time line 6:30) views & Project explorer (See time line 6:30) this helps,Best Regards

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