Posted Wed, 25 Feb 2015 18:37:09 GMT by Angie Thompson
Is there a forum or user base where other AS users from 2015.1 and below can share their user created drawing styles, generated User bolts and other user customization and import them into the program for general use or more customization?

I feel like this would benefit everyone a lot more and save time for me and my fellow detailers & designers.
Posted Wed, 25 Feb 2015 22:26:28 GMT by Janet Black Graitec Inc. Advance Steel Specialist

When you have decided to pruchase Advance steel you will receive an email from Autodesk for Advance Steel. Licenses and serial numbers for Autodesk software will be sent directly to you by Autodesk. 

The license you receive will depend on the software actual package you have ordered or are entitled to.


However as a maintained GRAITEC customer you will also receive an additional license from GRAITEC allowing the usage of the following additional solutions (where appropriate):

¨       Advance CAD – You will only receive this if you have purchased or were using Autodesk Advance Steel and/or Autodesk Advance Concrete to run without AutoCAD (previously referred to as ‘Standalone version’)

¨        Advance Design ISV – As a maintained GRAITEC customer you will receive a professional finite element analysis software which allows the usage of the following:

      modeling structural members (or importing them from Autodesk Advance Steel / Autodesk Advance Concrete)

      cross section libraries

      material libraries

      mesh engine

      the multithread and multicore finite element engine

      import / export capabilities

      reports generator and post-processing tools

¨       GRAITEC Power Pack - GRAITEC extension for Autodesk Advance Steel.

An exclusive benefit of being a maintained customer of GRAITEC is having access to the Power Pack. GRAITEC will continue to develop applications and enhancements for Autodesk Advance Steel to increase productivity and performance of our customers. The purpose of first Power Pack is to provide you with a competitive advantage and you will benefit from our wealth of experience with finely tuned settings and defaults to optimize your performance, new profiles and bolt libraries, improved drawings styles, and much more. GRAITEC Power Packs will be released quarterly. 

With this email you will receive an Entitlement Certificate with a User Name and Password that will allow you to download the above as well as having access to the FAQs and Forum where you can share.

You can download documentation and zip files and much more that others have attached regarding your preference.

See link below for log in.

See link below for Activation info.


Hope this helps


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