Posted Tue, 22 Feb 2011 13:48:24 GMT by Shaun Gray Detailer
How do I import an Acis Solid
Posted Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:03:13 GMT by

Dear Shaun,

Please find attached document relating to how to import a SAT File.   This is a AutoCAD command, that can be found on the AutoCAD insert toolbar and the 3D Modelling workspace  and there is a panel on the ribbon.




Quick Reference

See Also

·         Import ACIS SAT Files

Imports an ACIS (SAT) file and creates 3D solid, body, or region objects.


The Select ACIS File box is displayed. Select the file to import in the File Name list. The SAT (ASCII) ACIS file is imported into the drawing.

NoteACISIN imports SAT files up to ACIS version 7.0.


Also Advance steel objects can be exploded to ACIS format, this is normally on the Right click short cut menu and there is an option to select this.

However if you do this it is best to take a copy of the model and perform the explode task in the model, because once exploded to ACIS there is no way Back to Advance objects.

Following on from that  please note the procedure below and run it through the following:

1)     Open the copy model model as normal.

2)     Using the AS Search tool, select Beam, plates, bolts run this for the complete model, and this should filter out the elements that cannot be exploded to ACIS objects.

3)     Select the marked objects and then using mouse right click and select the “Explode to ACIS” Command”. Having done this is you select a beam you should see that it is a 3D solid.

4)     However there are still remaining elements within the model that are Advanced objects and these need to removed or exploded. These can be searched for using the Quick selection tool and the various filters.

a.     Select all Advance steel objects using this tool below:

[...file not found...]

b.    Then using the filter search (icon to the left of the AS all objects) for the remaining objects in the model, in this Case Welds, Level Symbols, gratings and Special parts.

[... file not found...]

Use this tool and the AS all object to select each AS element in turn and either delete it from the model or explode it.

5)     However these can be selected in turn and using the AutoCAD Explode tool they are turned into AutoCAD Line and solids objects.  

Special parts – these are exploded using the AutoCAD explode command to return them to solids.

Level symbols – these are exploded using the AutoCAD Command and are turned into line elements.

Gratings – these are exploded using the AutoCAD command and turned into the line elements.

To select each of the object use the filter and either select erase/delete or select AutoCAD Explode, you need to use the filter each time after selection to get to the required AS element.

Please repeat the process until there are no Advance steel objects left in the model.  We have found that although they may not work with Explode to ACIS command, you can use the AutoCAD Explode and this will turn the item into AutoCAD Elements or solids.

6)     You will need to advise your client that the will need to use DemandLoad command, this is an AutoCAD command that controls what is loaded into the system at start up.

a.     Open AutoCAD and before opening the drawing, type demandload at the command line.

b.    The system will then be prompt to change a value, please set to “2”, noting the original value in the system. So that the settings can be returned to this after using this drawing. The original setting should be 3.

Have attached a model where the elements have been exploded, please review and ensure that you are happy with this before sending to the client.

Hope this helps.

Posted Thu, 14 Jun 2012 23:13:31 GMT by Niklas Widmark Scandinavian Weldtech GmbH
You can also export the exploded model to a SAT file, which can then be imported back into AutoCAD or even directly linked to a Revit-model. Since the SAT export only handles 3D solids, you will effectively filter out all the lines and other stuff created by the explode commands. 


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