Posted Wed, 26 Feb 2014 04:10:59 GMT by Drafting

What do the following abbreviation stand for:

1) "SoROR" (presumably a pipe section)

2) "FL" (what is the different between "FL" and "PLT" which stands for plate.)


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Posted Wed, 26 Feb 2014 09:14:24 GMT by Sorin Bularca Graitec ROMANIA

1)     1) "SoROR" is just a code name, a standard annotation prefix form the Swedish catalogue of profiles SWE CircularHollow Seamless sections, similar to other pipes profiles, example: China OD circular profiles: OD 32x2 or Korea circular profiles: PP 21.7x2 etc

See pic1.png

2)     2) "FL" comes from “Flat” and it's actually a beam element with a rectangular section. For example FL100x10 is a beam with Width=100 mm, Thickness=10mm and Length=adjustable by user (same like any other beam section)

See pic2.png

Advance Steel can map any element from the 3D model to the drawings, lists/BOM and NC files. This means a plate in the 3D model can be shown as a flat bar on the drawings and lists/BOM's. 

Advance Steel has standard plate-flat sizes that can be modified by the user.

Advance Steel automatically recognizes elements from the database (AstorAddIn.mdb; "MapInternToExtern" table) and maps them to corresponding entries.

The user can set the mapping off or adjust the priorities for this mapping  in GAM.

Open GAM, go to defaults and Use filter: map in order to access the mapping default options

 You can find more information in this FAQ:

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Posted Wed, 26 Feb 2014 09:18:48 GMT by Sorin Bularca Graitec ROMANIA


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