Posted Fri, 20 Feb 2015 19:07:19 GMT by Daniel Carriere AJP Engineering Services Manager Mechanical & Structural (Welding Engineer)
I know that the old way of creating BOM list on drawing is by
creating a dwg file inside the BOM folder.
My question is how can I use the BOM editor to create the
BOM list and to insert inside the drawing.
Posted Fri, 20 Feb 2015 22:45:51 GMT by Janet Black Graitec Inc. Advance Steel Specialist

Hi Daniel,

I have information as wel as a step by step that will  assist  you.

How to insert a customized list in a drawing

Advance Steel will  just use the default (Advance Templates) BOM on Drawings if “Use the new BOM on drawings” is checked then loaded into and Advance and Update defaults is applied in  the model.

 Advance Steel will use the default (Advance Templates or Users) BOM on Drawings if “Use the new BOM on drawings” is unchecked then loaded into Advance and Update defaults is applied in the model.


Now when inserting a list in the drawing you have the choice of using Advance or User.


How to edit and customize a List on drawings

You can edit the List by selecting the required style from the list at the right window and making a copy. Rename it accordingly, customize it to your standards and save it.

For this example I have customized the Structured list and renamed it “RENAME-Copy of Drawing- Structured list” additionally, I made some changes in the ReportHeader headings.

You can export these list to other computer stations by using the Export and Import template icons in the upper left of the window or right clicking on the list and selection it from the list. It will be saved with a .temp extension.  

I hope this helps.

Attachment: BOM-How to edit and insert lists into a drawing.pdf

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