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When I try to create 2d drawing from some angle of the object, with the tool "quick documents", the visibility of some object is wrong. The most of the elements are good, but some of them are shown as hidden, but they shouldn't be. And from different views, there are different incorrect elements, I attached some pictures. What could be the problem?



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Posted Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:18:07 GMT by alastair walker JL Engineering (Rixton) Ltd project engineer


I have also had this problem on a couple of different models. The generated part/assembly drawings are unreliable on which lines are shown hidden or full, and with no way that I can see to change individual lines manually, it's a problem. If a guy in a workshop has a mitred angle section to make, he's going to look at the hidden lines to orientate it.


Posted Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:55:24 GMT by


The most likely cause of this kind of error is clashes in the model. If there are clashes anywhere in the model, even small ones nowhere near the part in question, it can confuse the drawing engine and lead to incorrect linetypes being used in places. In practice tiny clashes rarely cause a problem but any noticeable clash is likely to cause an issue somewhere. The only way to be sure is to fix all clashes (soft clashes for tool diameter around bolts do not count for this). Then try updating or regenerating the drawings.


If you are using Advance Steel on Advance CAD you can also try changing the Modeller setting in Defaults. GO to Management Tools > Defaults > System > Modeller. This has a choice of Autodesk or Graitec modeller. Whichever it is set to try the other one, reload settings / update defaults, and regenerate your drawings (rather than update). This may often make a difference too.




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