Posted Thu, 03 Dec 2015 22:05:51 GMT by Koby Greene D.A. Collins Construction
When I get done with the model, numbering, etc... I make a single parts drawing, all my single parts show up on the drawing, and all the single part numbers/quantities are correct, but the drawing list makes no sense. It will be missing quantities that should be there, and/or make up quantities that should not be there...Ie., I have 2 p1000's but it says I have 3 p1000's etc...I can correct this by going back to the model to make preliminary part marks, or sometimes take out preliminary part marks, but it is a trial/error process.......Also, when trying to edit an already existing drawing, say I delete a part and make a new one. It makes nice clouds and revision marks, but the part I deleted more often than not stays on the sheet and the new part I made will not show up even after running any "force updates/revision updates etc...furthermore the parts lists are never correct after making said revisions. I've even tried deleting the lists off the page, and making a new one, doesn't do anything.Thanks for any help.
Posted Fri, 04 Dec 2015 17:39:17 GMT by Andrew Hnyluk
Koby,If you delete a part from the model after you run your single part processes you will have to manually delete the part view from the drawing as well. The software will show you show a red flag in the Document manager letting you know there were model objects deleted. The same will go for new parts drawn in the model after you run processes for sheet creation, you will have to manually add them to desired sheets. Once added the lists will be updated. I hope this helps!

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