Posted Thu, 16 Apr 2015 18:59:14 GMT by Russ Parker
AS 2015.1. I have added an anchor bolt in the Manager. I added the diameters I needed, the lengths, etc. and applied the the new settings. But the 3/8" dia. bolt would not show the lengths I had put in for that size bolt. On the Set tab I had originally used the "Set" parameter but then changed it to "Standard". But after I apply the new settings it reverts back to "Set" which does not include any of the lengths I had put in for that bolt size. I can't make it stay with "Standard". How do I make that change stick?And when I try to use the bolt in a model all I get is one diameter and one length, a length I didn't add to that bolt. Where is this length coming from? And where are the rest of my diameters? And why won't the bolt keep its "Standard" setting where the lengths seem to be residing?I did change the units to mm before I made all those changes.Thank you
Posted Wed, 06 May 2015 16:59:26 GMT by Olivier Gervais Graitec inc. Technical Supervisor
Hello Russ,In order to create new bolts or anchor assemblies, you have to choose the diameter that you would like to create first, then you pickup which assembly designation that you want: SET or NaW for example. you can refer to this FAQ for anchor creation: "How is an anchor created in the new Graitec Advance Manager?" this info still validI hope this helped you, if not, I suggest you to communicate with your local support team.Regards,

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