Posted Wed, 05 Aug 2015 01:16:24 GMT by Russ Parker
We have recently run into a problem exporting aluminum structural shapes to a KSS file that should be able to be read by the Structural Material Manager program so that we can generate material weights, lengths and shipping lists. We found that the information exported from Graitec does not comply with the KSS specification.Here is a clear-cut example:D,,,Not defined,Not defined,1,Channel,C6X2.826,6061,764.03,,,beam,,15.89,13.72,0.02The KISS file specification says that it should be:D,,,Not defined,Not defined,1,C,6X2.826,6061,764.03,,,beam,,15.89,13.72,0.02I looked at the profiles database to see how the aluminum channels are written and there is the problem. The KSS file specification doesn't recognize those shapes. The proper material specification for aluminum grades was also missing from the material properties database.Is this something that will be fixed soon? Thank you,
Posted Fri, 07 Aug 2015 16:55:57 GMT by
Hi Russ, Yes this is something that has already been reported. Also, you can make sure to map these items in the GTCmapping database. This behavior should change soon.Regards,

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